Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

The Degree in Food Science and Technology is obtained after a final examination consisting in the oral presentation of the candidate made on a specific subject agreed with the Evaluating Commission.


The candidate will discuss about the properties of a specific type of food through a multidisciplinary approach. During the examination the candidate will prove the acquisition of the necessary abilities of searching for data and information, of organizing and elaborating them, as well as the capacity of critical assessment and clear exposition.


For admission to the final examination the candidate must have obtained at least 175 ECTS credits from:

- all the compulsory exams of the course programme,

- the internship in a University structure or in other public or private institutions or enterprises/ other equivalent activities;

- the linguistic proficiency test and the qualifying certification on workplace safety.


In order to obtain detailed information about internships, equivalent activities and final examination please check the "Regolamento tirocini e prova finale" and attachments.