Training internships

To obtain the Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technology, besides compulsory and free choice subjects,  students have to choose between:
a) training activities in one or more disciplinary fields related to or supplementing the basic and characterizing subjects, also with regard to contextual cultures and interdisciplinary training;
b) educational activities aimed at acquiring further linguistic knowledge;
c) internship activities aimed at facilitating professional choices, through direct knowledge of the working sector to which the degree can give access;
d) training activities in periods and / or contexts other than those regulated by the internship activities, such as certified professional knowledge and skills, as well as other knowledge and skills gained in post-secondary level training activities in the organization of which the university of Parma is involved.


Training activities referred to in letter a) can be carried out:
• attending free choice teaching courses identified among those provided by the Department of Food and Drug Sciences (FOOD area), different from those freely chosen by the student and already included in the study plan.
• participating in non-curricular courses organized and / or recognized by the Department of Food and Drug Sciences.


Training activities referred to in letter b) can be carried out by attending courses that allow the student to acquire certified linguistic level B2 knowledge of English, French, Spanish or German (if different from mother tongue). The certificate must be issued by a recognized Certification Body.


Internship activities referred to in letter c) can be carried out at public or private institutions (companies, enterprises, other universities), with which specific agreements have been stipulated, or at Departments within the University of Parma.

Internship, or other equivalent activities, must correspond to 6 ECTS, (150 hours of student activity) and do not contribute directly to the final degree grade, but contribute to the evaluation of the student's entire course of study.

The Department of Food and Drug annually appoints a Referent for Internship and Final Examination for the Science Food and Technology course.